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There are only 10 terms and conditions – we like to keep it nice and clear for our users. Firstly, we’d just like to offer a friendly reminder that you are responsible for complying with any relevant laws and regulations that apply in the country you currently reside in.
We do take all reasonable steps to ensure that the information provided by our website, including but not limited to tips, {ALTRE ROBE FIGHE} etc, is accurate and up-to-date but no guarantees are made and Betonymous takes no liabilities for any losses you might deem as linked to this information and/or site’s related content.
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You must confirm that you’re over 18 to bet in the UK & Ireland and it is your responsibility to ensure that gambling is legal in your jurisdiction.
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You are free to use all the content on Betonymous free of charge. All we ask is that you register some of your personal details within our site, so that we would be able to offer you more accurate tips, previsions and custom offers through and within the site.

Betting tips and advice are provided with no guarantee of profit.
The tips are provided with the best of intentions and are carefully researched but are for entertainment purposes only and no liability of any sort, financial or otherwise, is assumed by Betonymous or any connected company or party.
All results of previous tips are provided on an advisory basis only, and while all possible care and effort is placed into ensuring the correct recording and reporting of results small human errors may occur. Feel free to contact us if you believe any of the figures are incorrect and we will double check as quickly as possible.

We do encourage and promote the individual responsibility of our community members and users.
Yes, we’re covering our behinds. But hey, we have to. It’s a two way street and although we are confident our content is second to none, it is also dependent on its application. However, we are also confident you will use any content found on our site sensibly and responsibly.

Ok, confession time. Sometimes we might make an error. It could be a technical error, a tpyo, or even a photographic error (don’t worry, we’re not entirely sure what a photographic error would look like either). And yes, some of our content might even be out of date or incomplete. We will strive to ensure this doesn’t happen, but it very occasionally will occur. The industry moves quickly and is perpetually changing. If you happen to come across anything on Betonymous that you’d like to see updated or you feel is incomplete, let us know and we’ll fix it up asap.

Betonymous is a busy place with plenty of great content and we link to a lot of other sites too. While we might endorse the content, we are directly linking to, that endorsement doesn’t necessarily extend to the entire site. There could well be some content on any linked site that we don’t agree with or perhaps even offends our commitment to our principles of equality and anti-discrimination.
The web is a wild place. But we’re sure you know that already.

There may be times when we wish to update these terms and conditions. It’s unlikely to happen often but as the internet and betting industry are constantly evolving, there may be occasions when we need to make some changes.

We like to keep our users and community members up to date with what’s happening at Betonymous.
Subscription is optional but may include additional features and information to our website and application and as you can appreciate the best way for us to keep you informed of new or important information is often via email. But don’t worry, your email address is safe with us.
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But why would you want to deprive yourself of receiving updates on all the great new Betonymous features as soon as they are released? That would be pretty silly right?
Ahm, what is more is that we reserve the right to start and finish the newsletter as and when we desire, at any time and without notice. No liability shall occur from the newsletter. Don’t even try..

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